ST Developers Conference 2017 ST Developers Conference 2017
Sept. 6, 2017 • Santa Clara Convention Center – Mission City Ballroom • Santa Clara, CA

Join Mouser at ST Developers Conference

IoT links together a lot of things – networks, devices and data. To successfully build your own IoT solution, you need to have a knowledge of the technologies, platforms, networks, security, trends and ideas that connect it all together.

Mouser is pleased to join ST at this FREE one-day interactive summit and conference. Learn about the newest products from ST impacting the development of smart things for IoT, smart driving, smart home and city and industry 4.0. Participate in hands-on training sessions. Come discover how Mouser, Grant Imahara and the creative minds at WIRED Brand Lab are exploring the modern city, and how technology is shaping smarter cities. Plus, visit our Mouser kiosk for a chance to win a Google Home. Don’t miss this special event.

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Here’s your chance to win a Google Home, valued at $129. It connects seamlessly with smart devices like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hue, allowing you to control your smart home with the command of your voice. Visit our kiosk for a chance to win.

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