Single Pair Ethernet solutions

Analog Devices, HARTING, and Würth Elektronik offer some of the most innovative Single Pair Ethernet solutions on the market today. These compact, highly optimized, low-power products offer excellent isolation and lower design costs.


Analog Devices ADIN1100 10BASE-T1L Ethernet PHY 

This robust, low-power 10BASE-T1L Ethernet PHY is designed for industrial applications compliant with the IEEE 802.3cg Ethernet standard for long-reach 10Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet. The ADIN1100 integrates an Ethernet PHY core with all the associated analog circuitry, input and output clock buffering.


Würth Elektronik Single Pair Ethernet Products 

Würth Elektronik offers the magnetic filter solution for Single Pair Ethernet on the PCB. The SPE design with its signal transformer, TVS diode and EMI filters is the first one to be fully industry compliant with 10BASE-T1L, 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 signal requirements while also fulfilling Ethernet safety requirements for 1.5 kV isolation.


HARTING T1 Industrial Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) Products 

These SPE products feature a highly optimized, high-frequency design, shielding, and high mechanical robustness, making them an ideal choice to fulfill industrial environments. The T1 products enable Ethernet data transmissions by using only two wires and the simultaneous power supply for terminals via a Power over Data Line (PoDL).


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