Delivering industrial IoT solutions for manufacturers

With Industry 4.0 well underway, manufacturers are looking to stay ahead of the curve with IoT adoption and implementation in their smart factory operations. Areas of IIoT development include powering data centers and servers, wireless communication for industrial devices, process control and robotics for smart factories, connected machinery for construction, HVAC systems and lighting for smart buildings. However, productivity and efficiency gains often require extensive testing and optimization. To quickly ramp up smart factory operations, Amphenol delivers industry-leading, high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of IIoT applications.


Enabling the Industrial Iot Revolution eBook

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Powering IoT Data Centers and Servers

Amphenol Industrial

Enabling Wireless Communication in Industrial Devices

Amphenol Industrial

Process Control and Robotics for Smart Factories

Amphenol ICC

Connected Machinery for Construction

Amphenol RF

HVAC for Smart Buildings

Amphenol Sensors

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