InnovateFPGA Design Contest 2021-22

Sense, Measure and Connect

Mouser is pleased to be a gold sponsor of the InnovateFPGA Design Contest. The contest is also supported by our valued manufacturer partners Intel®, Terasic and Analog Devices. The theme of the InnovateFPGA Design Contest is Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future. We're seeking out solutions that reduce the environmental impact and demand we place on our planet's resources with the intelligent use of FPGAs in edge and cloud computation.

Teams will utilize the Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit, with Analog Devices plug-in cards, and connected to the cloud using selected Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. These kits will be provided to selected participating teams at no cost, along with a small quantity of Analog Devices plug-in cards, and credits/limited time access to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services. Teams will need to demo their designs at the regional finals and the Grand Finale.

Winning teams will receive the following. However, all regional finalists will receive a Certificate of Excellence if selected into regional-final.

  • Gold Award (1 team): $1500, certificates, trophy, medals, trip to San Jose, CA Grand Final
  • Silver Award (2 teams): $1200, certificates, medals, trip to San Jose, CA Grand Final
  • Bronze Award (Up to 3 teams): $800, certificates, medals
  • Iron Award (Up to 6 teams): $300, certificates
  • Award of Excellence (multiple): Certificates

Remember, all submitted projects should be based on, and make complete use of the FPGA on the Cloud Connectivity Kit. Teams will be rewarded for full use of the contest platforms, including products from Microsoft and Analog Devices.

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