Delivering Superior Connection Systems and Circuit Protection Solutions for Tomorrow's Vehicles

Integrating cutting-edge connectivity solutions, wireless charging systems, antennas, software and circuit protection enables high-speed data and content transmission to vehicle displays, user interfaces and smart consumer devices. Effective in-vehicle communications are achieved with these solutions, accommodating the rapid changes required by automakers.

Infotainment and Navigation Solutions

Molex Ethernet-enabled interconnect solutions and control modules support multiple high-speed media protocols and industry-leading network bandwidths. Media Modules streamline infotainment integration and deliver best-in-class hardware and software for next-generation integrated automotive cockpits. Littelfuse delivers comprehensive protection solutions to withstand overcurrents, ESD and surges, including SMD Fuses, SMD PPTCs, TVS Diodes and Diode Arrays, MLVs and XTREME-GUARD ESD Suppressors.

Vehicle Communication Solutions

Molex’s in-vehicle network cables, connectors, media modules, switches and gateways are secure, reliable and provide seamless connectivity — offering superior bandwidth and signal integrity. On-board power and communication circuits in these systems need overcurrent, ESD and surge protection using Littelfuse Fuses, PPTCs, TVS Diodes and Diode Arrays, MLVs and Polymer ESD Suppressors.