Industrial Power Solutions that Minimize Complexity and Size

Industrial Power Solutions that Minimize Complexity and Size

Coilcraft and Maxim have developed an Industrial Power Solution that eliminates extra components, reduces board area, minimizes costs, and simplifies the complexity of industrial power designs. Coilcraft YA9280-AL Flyback Transformers are optimized for Maxim’s MAXREFDES1226 reference design and MAX17690 No-Opto Isolated Flyback Controllers.

These products are leveraged by utilizing primary-side regulation by sampling the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform. This provides an isolated flyback without an optocoupler or third transformer winding typically needed for secondary-side output voltage regulation. This simplified transformer configuration allows for the use of a wide range of compact, off-the-shelf transformers, as well as Coilcraft coupled inductors.

Reference Design

cypress/molex USB Type C Diagram

Featured Products

Coilcraft YA9280-AL Flyback Transformers

Offers a low-profile, high peak primary winding current and 1500VRMS high isolation primary to secondary windings »


Maxim MAX17690 No-Opto Isolated Flyback Controller

Peak current mode, fixed-frequency switching controller designed to operate in Discontinuous Conduction Mode »


USB-C Becomes Standard For Power Delivery

Reduce your BOM cost and regain PCB space by incorporating a no-opto flyback controller IC in your low-power isolated DC/DC converter design. »


Reducing Complexity and Footprint for Industrial Power Solutions

Please join experts from Coilcraft and Maxim for a collaborative discussion on how to reduce design complexity and footprints for power solutions.

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