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Latest Issue: Engineering the Quantum Future

Inside this edition of Methods, industry experts explore the game-changing technology of quantum computing as we unlock the quantum future. We cover the topics of Bits to Qubits, developments in quantum computing research, quest for quantum-proof encryption along with the quantum computing terms you should know, plus other areas of knowledge to help you make the quantum leap.


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Methods Immersive Technology cover with a man wearing a VR headset

Volume 4, Issue 3: Immersive Technology

  • Living, working & learning in virtual spaces
  • 3D sound for a virtual world
  • Future of VR collaboration
Methods A.I. cover with a humanoid robot looking off into the distance

Volume 4, Issue 2: Understanding AI

  • Creating Programs that Learn
  • Machine Learning Requires Multiple Steps
  • Agency, Autonomy, and Protection in AI
Methods RISC-V cover showing computer hardware

Volume 4, Issue 1: RISC-V

  • Combining RISC-V and FPGAs
  • ROI with RISC-V
  • RISC-V Toolchain
Methods A.I. cover an arrow pointed up with a 5G tower inside of it.

Volume 3, Issue 2: The Future with 5G

  • A Forward Glance at 5G
  • Where Does 5G Fit in the Connectivity Ecosystem
  • Finding Convergence in 5G Security
Methods cover with crystal pyramid with a light going in one side and a prism projecting out of the other side.

Volume 3, Issue 1: Design Trends & the Transformation of Everything

  • A Glimpse Inside 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Maker Movement
Methods The Smarter Edge cover with a group of servers with a cloud hovering above and various consumer devices around them.

Volume 2, Issue 3: The Smarter Edge

  • Making the Case for a Smarter Edge
  • AI Processing at the Edge
  • Building AI Processing into Hardware
Methods cover showing a robotic industrial arm in orange and a second transparent one in blue right next to it.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Digital Twinning

  • AI, Sensors & Edge Computing
  • Twinning vs. Simulation
  • Security & Privacy Issues
Methods A.I. cover with a woman holding a small disc in her hand that is projecting a holograph of land and sea above with with the number 2018 spelled out in the stars behind her.

Volume 2, Issue 1: 2018 Look Ahead: Design & Technology

  • Advances to watch for in 2018
  • Social & industry impacts
  • Influential technologies & events
Methods cover in blue with a outline of a book made of circuit lines.

Volume 1, Issue 3: Best of 2017 Technical Content

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • LED Lighting
  • Motor Control and more
Methods cover showing padlock made of circuitry

Volume 1, Issue 2: Data Security

  • Secure Embedded Systems With Economical Hardware
  • Incorporating Security Into System Design Requirements
  • Data Security Glossary
Methods cover showing an industrial fabrication plant with wifi and bluetooth signals coming from each machine.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Understanding Bluetooth® 5

  • In Depth Look at Bluetooth 5
  • Three Real World Application Case Studies
  • Mesh Networking for IoT & IIoT Applications
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