USB Type-C Solutions

Together, ON Semiconductor and TE Connectivity deliver a full portfolio of solutions to quickly enable your next USB Type-C design. To kick start your design, they have provided a detailed diagram for a typical DC/DC USB Type‑C application.

This DC/DC block diagram begins with a buck/boost and four integrated 40V FET drivers. Power passes through isolation switches specifically designed for current limiting and overvoltage protection. The USB Type-C controller itself is fully compliant to Power Delivery (PD) 3.0, and Type-C Port Controller (TCPC) and is ideal for multiple port systems. Data rates for USB 3.1 can be as high as 10Gbps, which means signal integrity can degrade due to PCB traces and transmission cables. ON Semiconductor portfolio of redrivers compensates for these losses by engaging varying levels of equalization at the input receiver and flat gain amplification on the output transmitter. The signals can also be multiplexed through a SS switch, which maintains signal integrity.

In addition, TE Connectivity offers USB Type-C solutions with a robust design featuring added board retention and EMI protection features, plus waterproof and splashproof options for better performance in rugged environments.

Block Diagram

block diagram

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